Car Park Barriers

Easy Park supply the BeBarmatic range of Car Park Barriers. Available in lengths from 2.5 to 9m (without an tip support or catchpost) and with operating times as low as 1.9 seconds. Articulated beams for low head height applications are available.

These barriers are heavy duty and we have a barrier suitable for any traffic control application.

Barriers can be controlled by intercom, radio frequency“zapper”, RFID tag, mobile phone or parking control system. We can install – including cutting any required loops and offer maintenance and spare part support.

Car Park Barrier – PS
Opening time as fast as 1.9 seconds. Articulated beam available.

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Gate Barrier – TSD
Up to 6m Beam

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Heavy Gate Barrier – TSDH
Up to 9m Beam without requirement for catch post or tip support.

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Manual Barrier HS60
No electrical power requirement, hydraulic beam assist, up to 6m, lockable in raised or lowered position.