Display Systems

In cooperation with Nussbaum parking Easy Park offer two types of car display systems.

Parking Tower

The parking tower is ideal for car dealerships, it provides an eyecatching feature which also allows an increased amount of cars to be stored and displayed on site. It is fully automatic and any car can easily be called from the control touchscreen. The design is modular which means it can be tailored to a user’s requirements. The facade can also be customised.

Classic Parker

The Classic Parker is the ideal solution for the display of automobiles, suitable for museums, private collectors or indeed car dealerships it consists of two to four tiers of independently accessible parking spaces. It is customisable to suit the architectural surroundings.

Cars are parked on pallets, ground level pallets shift sideways to allow upper pallets to drop down.

The elegantly designed steel construction along with the glass fa├žade and the frameless sliding gates gives an extremely clear view of the vehicles and effectively presents the cars.

Control panels with touch screen display and smart cards access are typically located in close proximity of the respective presentation system ensuring an intuitive und user-friendly operation.

Car dimensions up to 6100x2700x2150mm (LxWxH)

Car weight up to 3 tonnes.