Liftparker N4000 series

These stackers allow the parking of 2N cars on two levels in a width of N spaces. All cars can be accessed independently. A pit and increased ceiling height is required – the depth of the pit depends on the height of cars to be parked there but typically ranges from 1700mm to 2250mm deep. Ceiling heights of up to 4300mm are recommended but cars can be accommodated at lower heights. Systems are either singles – accommodating 2 cars or doubles – accommodating 4 cars. Multiple systems can be powered from the same hydraulic unit. There is also a three tier variant available which is most suited to roofed courtyards.

Nussbaum also produce the N 3000 Series – Kipparker, by the use of an inclined platform even shallower pit depths are possible at the expense of user comfort – typically they are installed in retrofit situations and are suited for lower cars.

There is the option of making the top deck of a system disabled accessible through upgraded decking.

Walls or barriers are required to the rear and sides of these system.

These systems are simpler but use space less efficiently than the N5000 series. If specified in lower heights they can be uncomfortable for users.


  • Appropriate for car heights between 1500mm and 2400mm
  • Width of parking space up to 2750mm
  • Length of parking space between 5000mm and 5200mm
  • Minimum pit depth 1650mm
  • Platform capacity between 2.0t and 2.6t
  • Low maintenance and operation costs
  • Independent parking system
  • Regular users