Parkline N5102

This stacker allows the parking of 2N-1 cars on two levels in N spaces. Increased ceiling height is required – a ceiling height of 4100mm is recommended but cars can be accommodated at lower heights. Spaces need to be side to side without pillars in between. All cars are parked on pallets, ground level pallets slide side to side, upper  level pallets move up and down. One empty space is left at ground level, this allows the ground level pallets to shuffle sideways until the empty space is below the required upper level pallet. Typical retrieval times are in the region of 90 seconds for upper level cars. Ground level cars can be parked and removed immediately provided the system is not in use. This system has no pillars to the front, which makes parking easier for the user.

This system is most suited to regular users.

Walls or barriers are required to the rear and sides of this system.

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