Easy Park Modular Steel Car Parks

Easy Park have developed a range of prefabricated steel framed car parks. These allow for quick building times and significant cost savings on traditional concrete car parks. While design elements are common, each build is customised for its particular site.

All steel sections are produced by our sister company which has over twenty years’ experience in the production of construction steel.

Single level parking decks can often be erected directly on the surface of an existing car park without the need for pouring foundations. Our flexible design allows us to tailor the installation to the available space, maximising parking area. Vehicles can access upper levels via ramps or lifts. Passenger lifts can be provided if required for multi storey car parks.

Steel construction allows for lower build costs, slimmer columns – enhancing user experience, lighter weights – reducing foundation requirements, quicker construction and the possibility of relocating the car park should it be necessary. We have designed a demountable car park system allowing the majority of the components to be reused.

Ramps and stairs can be located at any point on the perimeter or internally within the car park footprint.

Car parks can be supplied to any level of finish required, up to and including lighting, lifts, lining and revenue equipment.

Particularly challenging sites can feature lifts, turntables and/or mechanical car stacking equipment.

We can arrange for financing and operation of car parks.

Easy Park can assist with or organise; planning and site inspection, we can specify or advise on foundations required. We can attend site to assess what the best option for your site is – and custom design a modular car park to maximise your site’s potential.

Should the car park requirement be medium rather than long term we can offer a range of lease and hire options and supply a system which can be removed and relocated as necessary.

For a consultation please contact us using the form provided or send an email info@easypark.ie

We are happy to meet on a no commitment basis.

Our manufacturing site can comfortably handle the 16 metre beams required for a car park structure.

We can drill and profile beams in house to suit site conditions.

We have a large stock of steel sections on hand to meet requirements.