Sliding Pallets and Translating Pallets

Sliding Pallets

Easy Park offer a range of sliding car parking pallets both longitudinal and transverse which can be used to allow car parking in conventionally inaccessible spaces or to increase the density of car parking in a particular site, while still allowing independent access to all spaces.

Typically the longitundial sliding pallet allows one or two extra cars to be parked in the driving lane in front of 4 spaces, and the transverse pallet can be used to allow valet style parking with rows of cars, all of which are independently accessible, one empty shuffle space is required in each row apart from the last one which can of course be full, and those cars are parked on the ground. The transverse pallet can also be installed and integrated with a semi automatic stacking system to allow an extra row of parking should site conditions allow. Control of these pallets is usually by wall mounted, keyswitch controlled pushbuttons.

Sliding pallets can offer extra car parking spaces in situations where increased head height is not available.

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Translating Pallets

For particularly tight sites we can offer parking pallets with angular movement – Translating Pallets – these allow cars to transit very tight bends or access spaces or car lifts where there is not sufficient space to turn in. These systems are usually controlled by in car remote controls.

We do believe that these products are most suitable for regular users.

Please see our partner’s site for further details

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