Turntables and Rotating Platforms

In association with Pellicer of Spain, Easy Park can supply, install and maintain a wide variety of turntables and rotating platforms. Suitable for loads from 2 tonnes to 80 tonnes.

Car turntables can be used both indoors and outdoors, they can be an eyecatching feature in a car showroom or facilitate easy access to and egress from awkward parking situations – perhaps where an entrance is on a busy road or where the site geometry or size precludes convention parking manoeuvres. Both flush inground turntables and surface mounted versions are available.

The truck turntables and lorry turntables can greatly increase safety on sites and eliminate difficult turning manoeuvres.

Pellicer also manufacture a translating pallet which can move cars around tighter corners than it is possible to drive.

Sliding pallets and Translating pallets

Please see our partner's site for further details

Please see our partner’s site for further details